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OK so turns out I have bad timing when posting articles. Like right now, I have an exam tomorrow on the beauty and wonder of Javascript DOM, AJAX, PHP and Webservices Need for speed free download pc. Yet here I am, being the usual procrastinator and typing up a blog post.

Few things to note that were released/ announced in the last few weeks :


iOS8 –

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 10.09.45 pm

Now I know this is where all the android users go “Oh we’ve had that for years” microsoft wallpapers for free. Yes you have, but you know Apple is going to do it better. With iOS 8 it seems they are taking some much needed action to step up the game! Here’s a summary for you non technical folk :

1 minecraft demo kostenlos deutsch. Extensibility -( WIDGETS!!! and other inter-app connectivity)

remember how you could only email stuff through the default mail client? now you can share pics Via any app that supports it outlook.comen. This gives app devs the capability to push interfaces across the iOS api to integrate with the OS directly. Ok non-technicallly App developers can create sharing icons or widgets that can be placed in your notification centre herunterladen. I believe apple was intact perfecting doing this without making the OS vulnerable to malicious apps etc. Which is why they took so long.

2. Interactive notifications (you can reply to notifications when they pop up)

So remember how when you touch the little notification banner that slides down xbox 360 apps downloaden? and when you touch it, it takes you to that app? well now you can pull it further down and interact with it. Say, its a message.. then you can pull it down and reply within the banner itself

3 xbox live profil herunterladen. HealthKit – (a central hub for you health and fitness freaks)

it also integrates with your wearables, say fitbit flexes and Nike+ bands ( and most definitely getting your phone ready for the Apple Wearable that’s coming soon)

and then OSX 10.10

OSX Yosemite

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 10.17.48 pm

ok firstly, wtf is 10.10 herunterladen? thats going back to 10.1! somebody screwed up with the naming or numbering conventions over at apple. But that aside, a UX overhaul to make one of the prettiest functional OS’s ever png datei herunterladen. Heres a few highlights :

1. Translucent UI

yes its pretty, and hopefully they sort out some of the issues where you can’t find some windows once they are out of focus pdf creator herunterladen gratis. It is beautiful, the new fonts, the new icons. refreshingly minimalist

2. Spotlight search is more beefed up

you can now search through your documents’ text! and the internet by just hitting command+space! the UI for this is done amazingly well. It also searches google and wikipedia from there straight away. very helpful for people looking for information

3. notification center

Notification center has gotten more interactive, like the IOS8 widgets, the notification centre includes subsections you can directly interact with.

4. iCloud drive

yes! now you can use your iCloud storage for anything, so dropbox is now being challenged, and Apple has reduced some of the storage plans to be quite affordable.

5. interconnectivity across your devices

now you can answer your phone on ur Mac and send messages directly from it, or make a call straight from your mac.

6. Hand off

common apps automatically remember where you have left off, so find a website on your mac, continue browsing it from your iPad or phone for quick reference.


Why I think the iOS8 features took so long :

I think that Apple was infact finding a way to make widgets available to developers, but in a way that it didn’t affect the whole OS ecosystem. By letting apps talk to each other via the iOS api, they still have control over what can be done in-between apps. and I think that is a security requirement when handling widgets and apps talking to other apps. Otherwise say you let a game directly integrate with your PayPal or bank app, or anything else connect easily, that will open the door to many problems in terms of security


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