3 upcoming exciting tech devices

Moto 360

What is it?

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Moto360 is a smart watch, wearable that gives you the time, syncs with your android phone, has remote capabilities, shows notifications, a stopwatch and lets you read the news amongst a host of other things pdf files does not work. In a world where wearable tech is getting more and more popular, the moto360 (as Motorolla points out) aims to be push it beyond pure gimmickry and make it a necessity. I know what you’re saying, there are so many smart watches out there..why is this smart watch different? well heres why :

  • stylish and high quality design – The 360 is made from high quality leather and steel, making it look unique and classy serien gratis herunterladen.
  • round screen, making it look like a regular watch – a regular form factor making it look like a regular watch means you don’t have to compromise style for functionality
  • water resistant – The 360 is meant to be water resistant (probably not for the leather strap ones)
  • standalone apps – The 360 is meant to function on its own with apps that can be written for the device it self.

Razer Nabu

What is it kostenlos download?

razer-nabuRazer Nabu is defined as a “social and fitness wearable”. It has two tiny LED screens, one an icon based notifications screen and the other a LED strip that can display text and icons in scrolling fashion. The Nabu syncs with your phone using bluetooth 4.0 and delivers notifications, monitors your sleep, vibrates as an alarm, monitors distance travelled, calories burned, steps taken and floors climbed and also tells the time herunterladen.

why is it different from other smart bands?

well its mainly the ergonomics and its dual screen feature. The design enables a user to quick view any notifications that come in by glancing at his wrist and checking the symbol. The list of icons include, a phone for incoming calls, chat bubble for SMS, envelope for email and other custom icons for many apps that can be written by developers to use its API exciting ebooks for free. This enables the user to not “phub” (what they call snubbing a person they are conversing with by looking at their phone) anyone, while not missing an urgent call. The best feature of it is its motion detective input system, where users can shrug off (by waving their hands) incoming calls if they are doing something more important or do not wish to be disturbed ps vita kostenlos spieleen.

The dual screen also lets you quick read emails or messages that mights sometimes not require replies. Imagine you are talking to someone you met after ages, and catching up. If you had previously asked a friend a question and you were waiting for an answer, and your friend replies with a yes or no, how awesome it would be to just glance at ur wrist while talking and see the answer quickly and effortlessly herunterladen? instead of taking your phone out, unlocking it, or looking at the screen to see if its urgent etc. This can reduce a lot of hassle for users and I see it being practically used in everyday life.

Project Ara


What is it herunterladen?

simply put, it is a modular smartphone being developed by Google and Motorola. the term “Modular” means, it’s components are compartmentalised or separate, so that they can be each removed individually. What does this mean you ask? well it means with the backing of google and motorola, they can create upgrade modules for each of the components. This means once you buy the main phone, if they release a better camera, you may buy the camera module, and fix it on instead of your existing camera module, and voila you have a phone with a better camera movie herunterladen free. That’s quite insane isn’t it? technically this phone could last you 5 years without slowing down! because you could possibly upgrade all the features, component by component.

Project Ara is due to launch in 2015, and if anyone would ever need a reason to switch to android, this would be it. Being an apple user I love my phone being able to last for 2 years without giving me too much issues with speed and quality vmware vertrauenswürdige ca-root-zertifikate herunterladen. But I do wish I had a better camera sometimes, possibly even a better battery module.

The phone concept :

the phone concept was launched by a company called phonebooks, who were later joined and acquired by Google / Motorola.
here is the concept in a nutshell

The phone concept states that this is the phone designed for 6billion people. In the sense that it is fully customisable. You could downgrade your camera module to make room for additional battery life etc. This means each phone becomes a custom phone just like the user wishes it to be. The blocks slide in and out like lego bricks to make it easy to upgrade for even most layman of users.

Why this concept is interesting..

need I say more? If you can customise your phone beyond its wallpaper, menu and phone case… shouldn’t that be reason enough? It is also made to reduce Electronic waste, because you won’t be throwing away your phone anytime soon.

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  1. rostephens says:

    Interesting stuff Teague. I love the blog’s design.

  2. Nice blog Teague! Sleek, well written and interesting.

  3. Hey Teague, have you heard of the oculus rift ?

    • teaguegray says:

      Hi! Yes I have, a developer edition has been released for people to code apps for it and experiment with it, while a few games are now arriving “rift enabled” . It is definitely cool.. I hope to get my hands on one when it’s properly released for public.

  4. Rachael Wass says:

    Hi Teague, yes please I want a Moto360! and I’d never ever ever heard about this crowdsource phoneblok idea….I’m following that for sure! how sustainable is that! I can’t wait to share these with my friends…you’ll make me look cool.

    • teaguegray says:

      Hehe yes it looks pretty sleek.. But I’m not I to smart watches I prefer the smart band.. I believe a watch should just be a watch.. 🙂 but I will be getting a Nabu when it is out 😀

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