How creative can your CV be?

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Ok, since I am a digital designer, I have always tried to keep my CV fresh and interesting my free zoo kostenlos downloaden. Recently I have started applying for jobs in the digital space in Melbourne. It’s tough, its not easy, bearing in mind I have only lived here for 2 years and grown accustomed to the design patterns, the styles and the simplicity sistema herunterladen. By now all the other designers have had a head start. But that doesn’t matter.. I am the quick adapting type so I have learned how to catch on to the new trends (thank god for twitter) and following these famous artists, designers has been so easy tiptoi app herunterladen.

Now applying for a job isn’t as easy as it sounds. It is a series of connected events. You have to apply for jobs, which are mostly listed by recruitment agencies, then these agencies screen you, decide which jobs are suited for you and put you in front of the interviewing client herunterladen. For this purpose you need a CV that is eye catching, not your run at the mill WORD doc. That lists your experience, Education, Skills, Work, interests … blah blah firefox securely. Sure it needs to have those core information sections. But it also needs to say “Hey, Im different from that guy, Im actually better, and I put some thought into this” herunterladen.

So I’ve designed my own CV, it shows that I am organised, and skilled at representing information in an organised manner. Helpful if you are also an interface Designer, or print designer microsoft outlook kostenlos. Summarise your whole life story into one page. I have two versions. I prefer the second one as I received feedback from some of the interviewers and used these to improve it herunterladen.

Old CV

New CV

and if you want more Ideas, :

smashing magazine is the place for you

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