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5 Essential tech related items

  Heres a list of items that are essential for everyday life. Seriously, how are you even alive if you don’t have 3 out of the 5 mentioned here? So I was coming back home from uni one day in the train, really late and I suffered what everyone else…

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FitBit Flex – Motivate yourself to be more active

So over the last weekend, I acquired myself a Fitbit flex. I was actually looking for a Fitbit Force, but turns out there was a nasty reaction to the Force’s plastic / wristband that the product was called off the shelves and now is not available anywhere. So instead I…

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  Hi, My name is Teague mozilla firefox fãƒâ1⁄4r xbox 360 downloaden. This blog is going to feature some interesting and amazing gadgets and tech related stuff that you have probably heard about, but never really took the time to read up on herunterladen. It’s going to help you decide…

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