How to install iOS7 Beta 1

Firstly, things to note.. if you dont follow each of these steps properly and this results in something happening to your phone, dont blame me. I will not take responisibilities for anyone bricking their phone. that being said.. if you follow these steps there should be no problems.

ok now look at this sexy dial pad : dont you want to dial all those 1800-numbers now kartenspiele spider solitaire kostenlos? just because theyre long  and watch the buttons go invisible everytime u press em?



Things to keep in mind

  • This is not a final version, therefor theres an expiry date, which is usually very well after a newer beta release comes out.
  • You will have to buy a developer account related UDID slot. This allows your device to be registered as a testing device and apple’s servers will validate it herunterladen. (you may sometimes get away without it but we dont want a bricked iphone now do we?)
  • if you’re not satisfied with iOS 7 .. go home you’re drunk.. no but seriously you can downgrade to the highest available gold release (which is 6.1.4)
  • so that brings me to my next point, Update your iphone to the latest iOS before you do anything arduino fehler beim herunterladen von https //
  • update your iTunes to the latest version from

Buying a UDID

you can either buy a UDID slot off these sites or just ask your apple developer friend to register your UDID on his developer account. each account has a 100 UDID slots so tell him to stop being a cheap ass and help you out.

or just google “register my UDID” and do some reading before u buy anything exe datei android herunterladen.

Note : If you are wondering “Where the fuck is my UDID?” well then all you have to do is plug in your iphone to iTunes and then click your serial number and voila it becomes your UDID. No magic.. just science…

also just ask your friend if you can exchange brownies for UDID slots.


Evad3rs links

firstly you will need to download the corresponding iOS beta image. listed below is a link which has links to all the packages. Keep in mind I have an iphone 5 A129 model. dont worry if u download the wrong one it doesnt let you install it. It wont try to force you into doing something thats not right for your phone. cisco vpn client downloaden. So just get the correct one.

it looks dodgy but its reliable.. I’m running from that image. Also from the looks of it its only DMG files avaialble.. These are mac installation images. If you can find a converter or maybe try This or maybe try getting a Mac herunterladen? cos why are u using an iPhone if you don’t like Apple?

after you have your shit together, remember update, sync, back up etc. OK?

The Process

if you are still unsure, pull out now. Cos lord knows what you will do when this shit gets too far. She may not be the one.. and she may not be worth all that trouble.. but before your decide, first take a look at this :



and this



now :

option+ click or (shift+click or alt+click on your PC) the restore iphone button schöne bilder kostenlosen. select the image you downloaded. and watch it go.. after its done it will ask if you want to set up as new iphone or from a previous backup.. select previous backup, unless u dont want your old shit and want to start over like you told that bitch but she wont listen cos she wants drama and she likes to bring up the past! … ok ok..

and dont remove that plug until it says ok.. I know ur excited and impatient to use ios7 but you wont be able to if you brick it by interrupting it battlelands downloaden.




Look at these beautiful colours!


to downgrade you have to send your iphone into DFU mode.. and then install the IPSW for 6.1.4 .. surely you can google that. how can I download videos on youtube. but this is extreme cases if you fuck up.. life doesnt give you second chances boyo! good luck!

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