Week 7 : Assignment 2 – Special Effects (Douchebag Ninja)

The Idea was to create a mortal combat style arcade fight.. so needed to set the scene up. Thought of making it a comedy so I created the character douchebag ninja (who uses his ninja skills just to be douchebag..) (more episodes to come..) so what happens is Jay walks into the backyard court, lines up a shot, and out of nowhere the ninja pops out and blocks him herunterladen. then they get into a fight which the ninja ends by throwing a fireball at Jay and disintegrating him.

My cousins were more than helpful and they too are comedians and love to mess around doing funny stuff whatsapp web app herunterladen. so once I discussed and organised the story line with some input from my cousins, we blocked it out in conceptual points explaining what was going to happen and how the filming would take place long videos. admittedly more time could have been put into organising the storyboard and camera shots but I was on a tight schedule as they both work regular jobs so I could only get them for one day zombie online spiele kostenlos downloaden. It was pretty obvious that planning it would’ve gone a long way in helping get the stuff done quicker and easier.

The disintegrating effect found at video copilot seemed a tough task, but I wanted to attempt it so that I could have it for future use as it uses a base input layer which could be anything, and runs an effect over it while making it disappear and disintegrate as it swipes off dota 2 herunterladen.


This uses linear wipe and colorama to sort of mask it out prezi gratis downloaden nederlands. There is a texture on this effect that adds the jagged uneven and organic effect to the trails. and using a displacement map and turbulent displacement enables the trails to kind of morph away herunterladen. One thing new i learn in this method was that you can infact code into transitions to automate it using alt+click and typing your code in.

I ran into issues with the green screening at first because I hadn’t adjusted the exposure to accommodate keying out Jay real app herunterladen. so I had two attempts at this. here are the two screen grabs showing the difference :

unsuccessful footage:

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 3.59.33 PM

Final Footage :

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.58.18 PM

as you can see theres a fair bit more exposure in the scene which helps when keying der grüffelo film download kostenlos.

Even with the new footage I ran into issues with the body movement of the actor, i think this effect would be easier had the body movement been minimal, which is why I had to cut down the burning scene as it wasn’t looking too good sims 2 kostenlos herunterladen.

I also winged it by adding a lighting effect CC Light Rays to add to the burning away effect.

and adding an orange solid for the the projectile.

Final Result :

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