Week 4 – Colour Grading in After Effects and Simple filming techniques

This week we tested out After Effects’ video post processing features which included colour grading and layering (to improve or add effect to videos) herunterladen. Ofcourse we used Adobe Premiere Pro first to stitch our clip together and then proceeded to use after effects for the other editing processes. The key point that AE wasnt used to stitch the videos together is because it is so much easier to do in Premiere, and the tools provided are extensive and assist in that particular task küchenplaner zum downloaden kostenlos.

it’s key to notice that some of these effects have been blown out of proportion just to serve the purpose of showing its capabilities.

One interesting and very helpful tool I noticed was the stabiliser, which comes in handy when you don’t have a steady shot or when not using a tripod mindmanager kostenlos herunterladen.

here is the result :


Filming on DSLRs and Simple techniques to get unique shots

now alot of you probably have a look at amateur films on youtube and wonder sometimes whether they have high budgets and hightech equipment to film such things on DSLRs filmeen für flug. I know I do. But there are a few neat tricks you can do to obtain stunning shots from different angles. I will highlight these in point form. It really is simple and there are some cost effective ways of doing this Helicopter games for free.


first off let me just share a link to a youtube channel that I came across this week when reading up on tricks in After Effects. Its really inspiring and informative and explains how most of the effects in hollywood are obtained herunterladen. In a low budget way.

So have a look at Film Riot and lets move on to some cheap tricks you can use to get great shots herunterladen.

Car as Dolly

Say you want a dolly shot but you do not have the opportunity or resources to rent a full scale filming dolly. This can be obtained with basically anything on wheels apps that cost free. But theres an example of using a car and its trunk to achieve this shot. Basically whats needed is for the car trunk to have the camera + tripod mounted in the back or get someone to sit in the trunk with it open and take the shot herunterladen.

full details on this can be found at :

also an interesting cheap Dolly trick :

using a tripod minus one leg and swivelling on this apps downloaden smart tv lg. but keep in mind the ranges are limited.

Extended high angle shots

this might seem a bit obvious but it is pretty interesting, you can get a high angled self shot by using a stick! yes a stick! in the video you will see at certain points this technique being used to dramatic effect.

yes it is also shamelessly promoting my country.. BUT it is also amateur filmmaking, thus relevant to the subject

Cheap Body Rigs

This is interesting as I have seen it being used in music videos. It is used to center the shot on the person or subject. This is used in third person shots or face mid-shots where the background moves but the main subject doesn’t.

these are used in certain shots like these : (which are aooarently called “Snorricam”)



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