Week 2 – Basic animations / object transitions

This week’s tutorial comprised of making an object (ball) bounce. The laws of physics state that any object moving within a space will continue to do so at a constant speed, unless a external force is exerted upon it ps4 update 6.02 herunterladen nicht möglich. Not to sound geeky, but the external force acting on the ball is gravity. Now gravity will make the ball accelerate and decelerate. On the way down, it will accelerate and on the way up it will work against it minecraft vollversion kostenlos downloaden windows 7.

This means the timing of the ball would have to be accordingly adjusted to suit this in order to make it look realistic. As we know, objects in the animated world seem more realistic and believable when we add a bit of real world physics to it jewels spiele kostenlos downloaden. So to do this we used the graph timing tool, which makes it easier for us to manage timing in terms of acceleration and deceleration.

Apart from physics we also looked into compositions within compositions wetter apps kostenlosen. which makes it easier to manage repeating animations and reduce work when adjustments are needed. (think of changing 20 bouncing balls as opposed to one composition which is repeated 20 times) microsoft word kostenlosen windows 10. THe Re-use of compositions within another composition and a play around with some additional effects resulted in this monstrosity of work  :

iPhone 5 Camera as a movie camera kostenlosen internet browser herunterladen? sure

so if you’re like me, you have probably not gone out and bought a SLR camera because of tight money constraints.. its not that you CANT buy one, just that you cant buy the one you WANT herunterladen mp3 von youtube. There’s a notable difference between entry level DSLRs and mid- pro level DSLRs. So why pay twice when eventually you are going to need the mid level camera… Ok Enough about discussing your budget, this is where you remember your iphone 5 can shoot video at 1080p t-online e-mail app windows 10 herunterladen. which is pretty high quality and almost similar to most entry level DSLRs. So why not use that?

here’s a bit of information regarding exactly that 94 prozent herunterladen. Now considering you are an Android fanboy, yes you can use your similarly equipped Android video camera. But I will be introducing a few apps that I have used on iOS, I’m not aware of it being available on Android or other mobile platforms whatsapp download whatsapp.

Firstly, how good is the iPhone 5 camera?

well to be honest, its pretty good. Theres decent stabilisation, high quality, 30fps frame-rate, decent light sensors and of course apps that enable you to add filters on the fly.

Here’s a review of the camera, as you can see that’s pretty amazing quality for a mobile device :

Editing in Adobe Premiere

just like any video you shoot from any device, you can edit this video in Adobe Premiere. I wont go into too much detail, but here’s a quick video on working with iPhone footage.

heres a video I compiled on Premier, filmed on my iPhone5 :

Playing with iPhone footage in After Effects

Here’s a bit of a play-around with video shot on an iPhone4 . it includes the use of the Warp Stabilizer, this plugin helps with older iPhones that didnt have such good Stabilisation as the iPhone5.

Apps for video recording :

I have personally used Video FX+ and I can say that the filters on the fly is pretty cool, not very sure if it preserves quality though.


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