Week 10 – Storyboarding

So with the final assignment set, it was time to start on our idea for the final major assignment. We decided to make a trailer for a webseries (refer Assignment 1) that I’ve started writing called “Douchebag Ninja” herunterladen. The premise and main characters have been outlined when creating assignment 1. The main Protagonist is Jay Stevens. A regular guy, with a regular life warum kann ich bei kindle nur proben herunterladen. But his whole world comes under fire when a rogue ninja starts targetting him for no reason and has only one objective, to make his life a living hell kann man ein video von facebook herunterladen. The ninja uses his superpowers in order to wreak havoc in Jay’s life.

The story line had been decided so we needed to create a trailer that would span 1:30 minutes at max CV template word. I had the idea of creating suspense by having the main character’s voice over the tailer, explaining what has been going on in his life. With flashes of what these things are happening and leading up to a psychiatrist counselling session where Jay seems to be describing these things to the shrink yatzy kostenlos downloaden deutsch. This is where it turns out that the Psychiatrist is infact the ninja and surprises our main character (spoilers)

The shots for these scenes needed to be drawn out, with Peter on board to be the main storyboarder and cinematographer, we decided a few of the shots for the opening sequence including the door entrance scene nero express download kostenlos deutsch. I used my Canon DSLR before hand to get some test shots of the ideas I had in mind :

We initially had a few locations that were public places such as grocery stores and the library, but we decided to knock those out as it would be a little troublesome getting permission and we wanted freedom to express ourselves without constraints






Most of the locations were in and around Endeavour Hills, including the outdoor scenes calls blacklist kostenlos downloaden.

After getting some excellent Ideas for the script and mapping out how we were going to shoot this, we managed to get a rough idea for our pre production phase krimidinner.



NDB_pg1 NDB_pg2


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