Assignment 3 : Douchebag Ninja : The series

This is the final post for this session of blog posts. I had a few issues recording the audio from the actor as they were busy throughout the week so I had to improvise by using my voice and editing its pitch in Adobe Audition navigon 1200 karten kostenlos. Mental note to be made for future projects to use an extended mic for the DSLR to capture audio as well as record voice overs on a date specified so that we dont run out of time baukindergeld application.


music I used were some awesome tracks I came across on CCMIXTER neuesten mozilla firefox kostenlosen. Some of these tracks were really cool and Im sure i will be using more of them in more projects to come.

One thing I had an issue with was lining up the audio voice track in AE, after doing that I exported it to Adobe Premiere in order to chop out some unwanted scenes before adding the musical score ls19 kostenlos download epic games.

after adding the final title scene this is what the final product looks like. Mind you I will be editing it further with the actors voice and releasing it to Youtube herunterladen.


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