Assignment 1 – Kinetic Typography

First assignment due for HET824 and it is one of my favourite areas. Kinetic Typography. I previously updated a post regarding this art and the use of it in numerous ways herunterladen. This time the guidelines specifically mentioned it had to be copyright free material.


I had decided to use my cousin’s basketball team as a subject to make an inspirational video which would contain a quote I had written net iptv downloaden. so I sat down and wrote up a script for my cousin to recite which would last somewhere in the region of 30 secs. This was accomplished with ease, after importing the audio into Adobe Audition and making the necessary improvements, I imported the final audio source into After Effects, and using this as a guide for timing and execution I managed to come up with a video that is this you see below herunterladen. Taking into consideration the movement of text, I had quite a lot of trouble with trying to make everything unique and not seem too monotonous.

I brought in aspects of rotation and parenting in order to ease the control of so many objects within the file herunterladen. I managed to make a sub composition of a red blip appearing and re-use that for the 5 portrayed “opponents” this came in handy as I did not need to re do the animation steps for each of them amazon prime series.

finally I used a red blip and the wiggler to indicate the buzzer of the basketball court to add a little dramatic feel to the video.

here is the finished product :


music used  : Stranger From Below by Trifonic

and basket ball buzzer from :


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