Bad timing posts!

OK so turns out I have bad timing when posting articles. Like right now, I have an exam tomorrow on the beauty and wonder of Javascript DOM, AJAX, PHP and Webservices. Yet here I am, being the usual procrastinator and typing up a blog post. Few things to note that…

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3 upcoming exciting tech devices

Moto 360 What is it? Moto360 is a smart watch, wearable that gives you the time, syncs with your android phone, has remote capabilities, shows notifications, a stopwatch and lets you read the news amongst a host of other things. In a world where wearable tech is getting more and…

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  Hi, My name is Teague. This blog is going to feature some interesting and amazing gadgets and tech related stuff that you have probably heard about, but never really took the time to read up on. It’s going to help you decide if you need it, or if its…

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