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Teague Gray

Digital Designer
B.Sc paint shop pro free. (Hons) Software Engineering
M.M. Multimedia Technology

I am a designer in digital media. This means I cover up a few areas but my main fields are web design and interactivity plus a bit of Print herunterladen. Though I do love writing scripts and storyboards for shortfilms and shooting them as well. I have just completed my Masters Degree in Multimedia Technology at the University of Swinburne, in Melbourne, Australia free vector graphics. I like to classify myself as a designer in Digital Media as there really is no segregation when it comes to being a designer, in terms of having the eye for detail and concepts for visually appealing design finanzen.net app. There is however a certain expertise in Web design and interactive design which I have experienced thoroughly in my career, as a UI engineer for WSO2 and as a Lead Designer and Web Media Strategist for Pyxle herunterladen. The emphasis being based on semantics in HTML5 CSS3 and Jquery, the readability of code, and the interactive / information architecture planning for websites which come in handy even as a web Builder for Pegboard dailymotion filme downloaden.

other than that, Simplicity is my main game. As you will notice from most of my designs, I am an advocate of whitespace usage and minimalism. Heavily focused on typography etc spiele fürs handy kostenlos downloaden.

My obsessions include Typography, Comics, Movies, Old School R&B and HipHop, graffiti, Writing, packaging, paper / print, Logos, Movie Posters, Minimalism, Honda, Macs and Apps and User Experience Design playlist von spotify herunterladen.


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