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5 Essential tech related items

  Heres a list of items that are essential for everyday life. Seriously, how are you even alive if you don’t have 3 out of the 5 mentioned here? So I was coming back home from uni one day in the train, really late and I suffered what everyone else…

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Vintage photos are back with the Fujifilm 50s

I was introduced to the instant print camera scene by a friend, who was looking to purchase one while visiting tiptoi wir lernen englisch herunterladen. Now polaroids as we all know have stopped being produced and the films themselves are pretty expensive if you need to buy them. But with…

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3 upcoming exciting tech devices

Moto 360 What is it? Moto360 is a smart watch, wearable that gives you the time, syncs with your android phone, has remote capabilities, shows notifications, a stopwatch and lets you read the news amongst a host of other things pdf files does not work. In a world where wearable…

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