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Week 7 : Assignment 2 – Special Effects (Douchebag Ninja)

The Idea was to create a mortal combat style arcade fight.. so needed to set the scene up. Thought of making it a comedy so I created the character douchebag ninja (who uses his ninja skills just to be douchebag..) (more episodes to come..) so what happens is Jay walks…

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Week 4 – Colour Grading in After Effects and Simple filming techniques

This week we tested out After Effects’ video post processing features which included colour grading and layering (to improve or add effect to videos) herunterladen. Ofcourse we used Adobe Premiere Pro first to stitch our clip together and then proceeded to use after effects for the other editing processes. The…

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Assignment 1 – Kinetic Typography

First assignment due for HET824 and it is one of my favourite areas. Kinetic Typography. I previously updated a post regarding this art and the use of it in numerous ways herunterladen. This time the guidelines specifically mentioned it had to be copyright free material.   I had decided to…

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